How to create a website at

It is very easy to create a website on and it's FREE

Open this page by right clicking and selecting "Open In New Window" this way you can do these steps as you read.

In this new window, click on the register link located at the top of page:

If you registered already go here

Step 1: Create a login name that is at least 5 characters long (ie: user5)

Step 2: Create your password and then repeat it.  Make sure you write it down because it will not be stored on file and it will not be emailed to you.

Step 3: Enter your email address and then click the register button, that's it you're registered.

 Now you are ready to customize your website.

  • The next page will show you your log on information and your web address(remember to save them). Now just log on and create your site. You can also log on from the home page.
  • Once logged in, you have to do 2 things to create your site.
    1. Select a template.
    2. Edit your Content.
    These are two different links on your USER MENU. The system selects the "Dolphin" template by default. If you want to use one of the other templates click on it and then click the "Select Template" button. After you select your template then go to the "edit content link" Here you can edit your title, header, text, footer, etc. Write your content using the editor just like a word processor.  Note: You could also click on "the source button" top left hand corner of the editor and use your own HTML if you want in the content and footer boxes.
    Remember to Click on the "Save button" at the bottom of the page, after editing your content.
  • If you don't want to use one of the premade templates. While you are at the "select template page" Select "My Custom Template" the template code is automatically entered all you have to do is click on "select template button". This allows you to edit the text for your site with the editor on the "edit content" page just as if you had selected a template.
        *Note* You can change templates after you finish your text and footer if you want.

                                       That's it ! This is the basics to web creation on

    To learn how to put a picture on your web site click here

 *TIP*  Now that you have your own website you could get a domain name at  Set up forwarding and masking which are free with a domain name and you wouldn't have to pay any hosting fees.